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Ideas For Storing And Preserving Cherries

As well as enjoying Blackbird Farm Cherries whilst they are fresh have you considered that you can make your summer last even longer by freezing or drying them for use later in the year?


Cherries can be frozen without stems and stones or whole. We would recommend that you leave them unsweetened but you can sweeten to your taste. Place them as a single layer on a baking sheet until frozen and then transfer to your container.


Cherries can be dried either in a food dehydrator or in your own oven.


Please see our recipe for Cherry Brandy, but can we also recommend soaking them in Bourbon or Vodka. Now we think of our cherries as premium quality and too good to be used for jam making but you could if you really wanted to. They could also be used to make vinegar or syrup; great ideas for home gifting.

)Ways To De-Stone Your Cherries

Stoning the cherries can be time consuming and messy so if you don’t have a purpose made stoner here are a few techniques you may like to try :- Twist with Paperclip or Push with a Drinking straw, Chopstick, Orange stick (as in Manicure),Pointed tweezers or Crab picking tool and try using a wine bottle to rest the cherry on.

)Cherry Brandy

1kg Cherries

1 litre Brandy (cheapest bottle on the shelf)

300g Sugar

Use a jar with a tight-fitting lid and after destoning your cherries place them into the jar adding any juice lost in the process. See our suggestions for de-stoning your fruit.

Add the sugar and the brandy.

Fit the lid and give it a good shake.  Place the jar somewhere where you will see it daily to remind you to shake it every day for a week.  We recommend at the backdoor.

When for the next two months shake once a week, tasting it occasionally in the second month to see if you are happy with the level of cherry taste.

Once you are strain the cherry brandy into sterile bottles. It can be left for up to 12 months to mature or drunk straight away.

The leftover cherries can be used in desserts, cherry brandy trifle made with chocolate cake or a boozy chocolate and cherry tart, delicious!